H. C. Sims Farms is a family-based farming and livestock business based in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Mercer County, Kentucky.

Mr. H. C. Sims, Sr. had many business interests, but the Pennsylvania farm was always his home and he and his wife, always made sure their family was raised with the strong foundation that farm life had given them. As the current steward of this family legacy, daughter Ellen’s goal is to ensure that four generations of the Sims family develop and benefit from that same strong foundation. Regardless of family member’s other pursuits, each is involved in some aspect of the family farm.
The farm was originally Angus- and Hereford-based and that early experience provided Ellen’s good-eye for cattle. When it was time to reintroduce cattle to the farms, she invested much time researching the best of all Heritage breeds and chose Belted Galloway.

Her excitement for the breed and its potential as a premier quality beef source is proving to be justified. The growing demand for “better-for-you” food choices by the increasingly health-conscious consumer is going to drive a significant change in their choice of beef in the near future – especially in the U.S.

Through very selective and careful acquisition, H. C. Sims Farms has built an outstanding herd of Belted Galloway cattle – one that is recognized for excellence nationwide. “We actively source outstanding cattle to add to our herd,” says Ellen. “Our goal is to study and breed each animal so its calves will exhibit the best and trouble-free genetics available.”

These proven genetics are then made available to the public through H. C. Sims Farms Genetics, LLC. “By ‘proven’ we mean that the offspring of these genetically superior bulls have been successfully judged in showings, their cows have produced fine calves in the field, and they remain healthy and strong in regular farm conditions,” explains Ellen. “We will be adding embryos to our catalog in the very near future, plus other developments we are excited about announcing as well.”

The farm offers a varying number of Belted Galloway bulls, steers, and heifers for sale each year and starter herds can be put together in answer to customer demand. “We work with our customers to ensure their Belted Galloway experience is an excellent one and to encourage excitement about the development potential for this extra-special breed.”

The H. C. Sims Farm family and support team is here for all your questions about Belted Galloways – please feel free to reach out and contact us today: HC Sims Farms, 525 Sparrow Lane, Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40330, visit on the web at www.hcsimsfarms.com, or call (724) 531-7994.