Poised for a premium beef resurgence: the Belted Galloway

Having been in the family cattle business for many years, and raising Belted Galloways for more than a few, I truly believe this is one the most mislabeled and underappreciated breeds in our business. Especially given the combination of its rich history, outstanding genetics, and production attributes.

There are plenty of links and articles that speak to the Scottish origins of the Belted Galloway, so I won’t take up space for that information here. Rather, I encourage you to do your own unbiased research as the case for the breed makes itself.

Why do so many of us believe in the resurgence of the Heritage “Beltie” as a source of premium beef in the years ahead? Because comprehensive research on the breed, plus the experience of those of us raising them, points to it as a natural result.

The Belted Galloway…

… is the most feed-efficient breed in the world consuming approximately 70 percent of the forage consumed by other breeds.

…is known as one of the most fertile and easiest calving breed with calves weaning at over 42 percent of the mother’s weight.

…produces the number one rated carcass of all breeds earning first in taste, tenderness, and intramuscular marbling – all with the least amount of external fat.

…is moderate framed with cows weighing 1100-1500 lbs. and bulls weighing 1700-2100 lbs., yet they dress-out at a much higher percentage than other breeds at more than 60 percent.

…is the only true “polled” breed, and along with the Scottish Highlander are the two remaining purebreds dating back to their origins.

…is historically disease resistant, meaning fewer treatments and lower vet costs.

The impressive statistics related to the healthiness of registered purebred quality Beltie beef speaks volumes. And when the appetite of the general population is turning increasingly towards “foods that are better for you” it is easy to see why we have the makings for a premium market resurgence ahead.

These are only a few of the reasons a growing number of us are believers and investors in Belted Galloway cattle. All the facts point to a future well beyond the labeling of the past couple decades as a “hobby” breed and toward a bright future for the breed as a business.

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Ellen Sims