Why choosing Belted Galloway cattle is good business

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, those of us who make a living in the cattle business are looking harder than ever for value differentiators. We all want to find ways to increase our quality and resulting value while holding expenses to a minimum.

At HC Sims Farms, we count ourselves among the growing number of cattlemen that see the Belted Galloway, also known as a “Beltie,” playing an important role in the future or our industry.

Why? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

  1. The Belted Galloway is the most feed-efficient in the world. Belties utilize grass and forage to its maximum and consume many grasses that other breeds will ignore.
  2. The Belted Galloway will consume about 70 percent of the forage that is consumed by other breeds. Less feed needed means more money in your pocket.
  3. The Belted Galloway is known as the easiest calving breed of cattle. Belties have small, vigorous calves that grow fast. On average, they will wean at over 42 percent of the mother’s weight.
  4. The Belted Galloway produces the number one rated carcass of all breeds. First in taste, tenderness, and intramuscular marbling, with the least mount of external fat. With a dressing percentage of 62-65, the butcher has less waste and more meat per carcass.

And these few reasons just scratch the surface. The bottom line: paying a little more for Registered Premium Pure Breed Genetics puts dollars in your pocket while playing an important role in perpetuating the top-of-the-line qualities of this historic breed.
To learn more about the business-side of the Belted Galloway breed, talk to those who raise them and have the experience and results to back it up: HC Sims Farms, 525 Sparrow Lane, Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40330, visit on the web at www.hcsimsfarms.com, or call (724) 531-7994.